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Spanish is essential in business, socializing, and many other aspects of everyday life in the United States and throughout the world.

NYS Certified

I graduated Grand Canyon University with a Masters Degree in Education.

Online Studies

Become conversational at your pace, on your schedule.

17+ Years of Experience

I have worked for 17+ years as a Language Educator.


Our Course Offerings

Basic Skills for Conversational Spanish

10 week increments 

With Maestra Torres, you’ll learn how to hold essential conversations apart of everyday life in Spanish with the Basic Skills for Conversational Spanish Course.  

Intermediate/Advanced Conversational Fluency

10 week increments

In the Intermediate Course, you’ll begin learning to work with previously learned skills and assets towards simple conversation. In the Advanced, you’ll become communicatively fluent.


Self Guided Courses and Work

Online Self Paced

Your subscription will open a wide library of resources, including past classes, to help you learn and review what you need to, when you need to. 


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Creating a subscription opens many resources and opportunities for you and your learning. Scheduled lessons are also offered.


Why Learn a New Language?

Travel The World With Confidence

Spanish is the 2nd most spoken language in the US and the 4th in the word. Traveling to some of your favorite Spanish-speaking destinations with ease like Mexico, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, and so many more.

Increase Your Job Opportunities

By speaking a second language, you won’t need need a middle man translating for you. You do your business one to one. 

More Perspective on Arts & Culture

 Whether it’s learning about the Day of the Dead Oaxaca, Mexico, or simply watching a telenovela (Soap Opera) without subtitles in your living room, speaking Spanish opens new worlds.

Become a Better Learner

By learning Spanish, you’re becoming cross-curricular with banking, arts, sports, teaching, culinary arts, fashion, and whatever else you want to learn.

Speak With More People

There are over 40 million Spanish speakers in America.  Learning a second language can be beneficial to meet new people, make that sale, and so much more.

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