Knowing a second language is very important to truly be competitive and lead globally.  When one can teach their child a second language from birth, it is a true gift, if not, you need to encourage your child to learn from someone else.

This site will work for students in elementary school (the earlier the better, for children to get an “ear” for another language), middle and high school students who may not have direct access to a Spanish class or English class in your community, home school students, struggling students, adults in college and universities that will graduate and obtain work with the public in a variety of areas.  Below you will find a list of many areas that would open many opportunities to engage with Spanish speakers (English speakers for those needing to learn English).

International Business

Business & Administration

Health & Community

Child & Family Development


Tourism & Hospitality Management

Effective Management in the Trades

Global Marketing & Management in ANY area

Judicial System, Court Interpreting

Public Speaking


Arts & Music Writing & Publishing

Public Safety

As you can see, opportunities open many areas of jobs when you

know both English and Spanish.  

Be truly Competitive!  Be a true leader!  

Be Bilingual, Learn Spanish!