Hola!  I’m Millie.  I am a Spanish teacher and you may call me Millie, Señora, Profe, Maestra, Ms. Torres or whatever makes you feel comfortable.  ¡Lo que te hace sentir cómodo! 

I have been fascinated by my heritage culture and language from a very young age.

I am from a small family with Italian and Puerto Rican heritage.   As a child, I was influenced by the cuisine and Spanish language.  I was able to travel to Puerto Rico where I met more beautiful family and a tropical paradise!

I was born in Jamestown, New York a small town a couple of hours south of Niagara Falls, and where the famous Lucille Ball was also born.  I grew up a native English speaker, not realizing the little I was spoken to in Spanish or when I was around family who spoke it, that I was acquiring Spanish behind the scenes.  What does to acquire mean?  Basically to pick up…just like a computer today acquires a lot of information about us through cookies and other ways, we as humans are picking up language and culture similarly.

Through this blog, I will speak to you through a lens as a woman, a daughter, a mother, a lifelong learner, a United States Citizen, a multicultural Latina, and most recently as a teacher.

As a multicultural woman, I lived in a male, dominated world.  I was obedient and served others – now I live in an ever expanding world where my daughters have taught me to continue to challenge myself and enjoy life.

I enjoy spending time with my daughters, gardening, traveling and teaching Spanish.  I would also be happy to teach English to English Language Learners.  I am a near native Spanish speaker who loves meeting others especially to speak in Spanish!  My hope in creating my on-line courses, is to empower others to become global citizens and continue the pursuit of knowledge.    Knowing a second language opens up so many possibilities!

I also look forward to learning your story.  I love to see the strength immigrants possess choosing to come and live in this country.  How brave they were/are to get on with their dance in life and live.  To move out of their homeland for a better life, bringing with them beautiful cultural foods, dances, languages and traditions in hope of a better future here in the United States.  How some endure very difficult times in order to provide a better life for their family or to seek a different way of life.

I will offer a place to learn that is safe from criticism, a place to learn in a way you find works for you.  You may step outside of your comfort zone, but it will be worth it!

Join me on another part of your journey learning a foreign language and about Spanish speaking cultures and/or English & Spanish speaking places in the United States along the way.  Coming soon…my website Be Bilingual…Learn Spanish.com

A website that will give you options with Spanish.  Most importantly, the benefit of a skill that gives you the edge over another person when applying to college or a job where it is highly esteemed and essential.

Whether its college, a job or your own business, who wants a person in the middle translating? That takes money and time, both which are valuable.

Invest in YOU – You are worth it!

Invest in your children – they’re worth it!

Transform yourself and transform your business or community by opening up communication that builds trust.

If you can say yes to any of the following:

Are you are applying to a college or a job requiring Spanish speaking skills?

Are you a parent that needs help for your child struggling in their school Spanish class or a homeschooler?

Do you want to help community relations where you live, by bridging the gap between newcomers and visitors to your area?

Do you want to travel?

If so, please check out my website!

I’ll see you soon! ¡Te veo pronto!

¡Gracias! Thank-you!